Example Bus Prints

This gallery has examples of the prints and layouts for The Photo Bus. You can get an idea for what they look like, and how you can personalize them.

Example GIF Booth Images:

Check out this gallery for some examples of the fun images that can be created with our GIF Booth. Boomerangs, GIFs, Live Props, etc.

The Photo Bus on Location

Wondering what our Booths look like at events? Want to get ideas for how to integrate them into your event? Check out this gallery:

Bus Only Background Options:

This gallery has all of our background options for the Bus. We also offer custom branded backgrounds, as well as specific colors or requests.

Open & GIF Backgrounds

These are the backgrounds to choose from for our Open Booth and GIF booths.

Open Booth Examples

Here is a gallery with some examples of Open Booth layouts from past events: