Be in love

VW's mean love! Bring the love to your event! The Photo Bus Kansas City has had 4 couples get engaged in the back of the bus! Will you be next?

Be Social

All of our images go up on Facebook in addition the prints we hand out at events. You will also receive all the photos that are taken.

Fun Props

We provide handmade props for all of our photobooths that encourage your guests to be creative and fun!

The Photo Bus Rocks - Here is what makes us special:

No timer! Take photos at your own pace

The Photo Bus features a fun self operated button so your guests can take the photos at their own pace, select a new prop, or discuss their next pose without rushing. No count down here!

Prints for everyone...and FAST!

We believe everyone in the picture should leave with their own print, we will not limit the number of prints per group to just one. Everyone will leave with a copy of their photo. 

Our Dye-Sub printers spit out beautiful prints in seconds! We will keep the line moving!

Bus Branding

Need to feature event sponsors, logos, or a specific business? Custom magnet stickers can be placed anywhere on the Photo Bus to feature your brands or logos.  

Backgrounds Galore!

We have over 20 background options, and we even offer custom backgrounds to fit your event perfectly.

High Quality Camera

We started as Professional Wedding Photographers so our photo booth uses only the best equipment. Professional Ring-flashes, Nikon DSLR bodies, and Nikkor lenses. The files are delivered to you at 12mp size.

Custom Print design and logo

We can include your event logo, sponsors logos, or URL on each and every print your guest leave with.

Friendly & Experienced Staff

Our staff always has a smile on their face. They will interact and guide your guests on how to operate the photo booth and answer any questions they have about our Bus.

The owner of The Photo Bus DFW, Kyle Coburn, has been in the wedding and event industry for nearly a decade. He owns Coburn Photography, a wedding photography business based in Dallas.