Please scroll down to the instructions for the particular product you are using. We have The Photo Bus, GIF Booth, and Open Booth directions.

Bus templates

Here are three print template starting points for the Photo Bus


Basic left side banner

This is the print template used at 95% of our events, you can customize the space on the right side of the 4x6 print. 

We prefer if you leave our logo and info in place. Stay within bleed lines. 


Entire 4x6 template

Here you can customize the entire print background with a color or even add a pattern that will be layered behind the photos.

4x6 inches @ 300 DPI, PSD File


4x6 with Center Logo

This template only works with very specific logo designs. The photos are bit larger, but logos and branding are limited. You are welcome to give it a try.

4x6 inches @ 300 DPI, PSD File

*Design note: Please deliver PSD files layers intact and with rasterized fonts. Height should be 4 inches at 300dpi. 

Bus exterior branding.

The exterior of the The Photo Bus can be branded. Decals are allowed on the glass, however, on body panels only magnetic signage is allowed. These are maximum dimensions, as some of these panels are not square or complete fillable considering door handles, curves and other hardware.

Bus Background

We have a number of standard backgrounds available for your event. If you wish to add a bit more customization to your photos, you can order a custom background from us which start at $250 (30 days notice required), or you can provide you own. 

Best Practices:

The Bus backgrounds are 34.5 inches high, of which ~24 inches is visible above the seat, 55 inches wide, all of which is visible except for a slight arch at the top of the bus, you can see this in the examples above.  Please make sure to make the width about 60 inches so there is room for us to wrap it around our backgrounds support and secure it. Please prepare your file as 60 inches x 36 inches at 300 dpi.

If you are providing your own background for us to use in the Bus we highly recommend non-reflective material, vinyl will have a harsh reflection from the flash. 

If you have any questions, we are happy to help, give us a call, 214-702-4141, or email

GIF Booth

The GIF Booth has 100% flexibility, whatever you leave transparent will be the photo.


Polaroid Style

This is our usual design for GIF booth templates. Send us your logos and a background image that fits your event and we can do something similar to this. 


Vertical: 1080x1440 @72dpi PSD or PNG
Square: 1080x1080 @72dpi PSD or PNG

Polaroid Style w/ overlay

This is just another example of the Polaroid style with client provided text and logos. The festive flag overlay at the top will lay over anything in the photo. 

Vertical: 1080x1440 @72dpi PSD or PNG
Square: 1080x1080 @72dpi PSD or PNG

Custom Overlay

The sky is the limit when it comes to layout design for our GIF booth. Creative firms have come up with really cool designs to use. Just keep the background transparent and it will work great! 

Vertical: 1080x1440 @72dpi PSD or PNG
Square: 1080x1080 @72dpi PSD or PNG

If you want something super special designed from scratch, we can connect with you a designer that can help make your ideas come to life, just ask!